Group of local state lawmakers to become ‘Principal for a Day’ at Ocean Springs schools

OCEAN SPRINGS, Mississippi — A group of officials accustomed to walking the halls of the state capitol in Jackson will instead be walking the halls of Ocean Springs schools Thursday as they become “Principals for a Day.”…

…”We hope they’re going to get a good dose of not only what our administrators go through on a daily basis, but our teachers, as well,” Coleman-Potter said. “Our goal is they will become even stronger advocates for public education.”

Sen. Brice Wiggins will serve at Ocean Springs High School, Rep. Charles Busby at Ocean Springs Middle School, Sen. Michael Watson at Ocean Springs Upper Elementary, Rep. Hank Zuber at Magnolia Park Elementary, Rep. John Read at Oak Park Elementary and Jackson County Chancery Court Judge Neil Harris will serve at Pecan Park Elementary after Rep. Jeff Guice declined to participate.