The Clarion-Ledger, 3/24/9

Jackson city officials said Monday they will shut down cameras that catch red-light runners to comply with a new statewide ban on the devices, even as Gov. Haley Barbour questioned the constitutionality of the law he signed.

City Attorney Sarah O’Reilly-Evans said the city will stop using the cameras immediately and quit collecting money from tickets. Jackson Police Chief and Hinds County Sheriff Malcolm McMillin, a supporter of the cameras, said they will be removed soon from intersections around the city.

“The Legislature has spoken and the governor has, too, with his support of (the ban),” McMillin said at a news conference. “This is not something that’s make or break, do or die, for us.”

Few state lawmakers voted against House Bill 1568 before sending it to Barbour, who signed it into law Friday. It also mandates that cities using the cameras remove them by Oct. 1.