The Clarion-Ledger Editorial, 3/30/9

Jackson has a lot of candidates running for mayor and City Council. The sheer number can make the election confusing to voters.

What is not confusing is the number of issues. They are basically the same as in the past city elections and they are going to be the challenge of the coming four years.

Crime, infrastructure and economic development are the ongoing challenges for Jackson, as they are with most larger cities. Despite some improvements in all of these areas and plans on the drawing board, they remain the issues for the next mayor and council.

Jackson has made progress despite the inept leadership of Jackson Mayor Frank Melton. Downtown is going through a renaissance with significant development. While crime remains the No. 1 issue of the city, there is more public confidence that law enforcement is on the right track. Infrastructure, especially roads, is a major challenge, but there is hope with possible new revenues if voters approve an optional sales tax.