Here come the white-coats

The Mississippi State Medical Association tried to get the Kingfish to remove his own comment on this website. There was a rather vigorous discussion that took place on JJ when I posted the news about the firing of Executive Director Dr. Jerry Hall by the Mississippi Board of Medical Licensure last month. I made a comment about MSMA Executive Director Charmain Kanosky on May 22, 2017 at 7:58 AM that drew the ire of the white-coats:

Charmain has worked actively behind the scenes with the Medical Board and Mississippi Department of Health to keep telemedicine companies from operating in Mississippi that would compete with UMMC.
Mississippi Medical Association General Counsel Connor Reeves sent this demand to JJ one hour later:

I’ve seen your comment posted to the “Med Board Cans Executive Director” article at 7:58am today and I’m objecting to its posting. You made an unsubstantiated assertion of fact about actions by Charmain Kanosky and are publishing an allegation that is unfounded and inappropriate. Please remove that comment from the article. Thank you for your attention to this, (Emphasis added by KF)

There is just one problem with my claim: It’s true. Mr. Reeves should have checked with his Executive Director before he sent his demand and tried to intimidate this website. The Kingfish obtained a yuuuuge amount of emails last year on telemedicine from the Mississippi State Department of Health.

Telemedicine companies supported a bill last year that would have redefined the practice of telemedicine in Mississippi. They have been fighting the Board of Medical Licensure over what constitutes the practice of telemedicine for quite some time. Earlier post. Some board members (such as Dr. Randy Easterling) and then-Executive Director Vann Craig opposed allowing the use of telephone-only by private telemedicine companies in Mississippi.

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