The Jonathan Lee Campaign is proud to announce that the Jackson Police Officers Association has chosen to endorse Jonathan Lee as the next Mayor of the City of Jackson.

“We need a visionary for mayor- a strong leader with a willingness to work with local and state government. Jackson needs and deserves someone who cares about the future of our city and the people who keep it safe and their families,” said Earnest Perry, President of the Jackson Police Officers Association.

“This decision was not taken lightly. Over the course of the past month, we have taken the time to sit individually with many of the candidates for mayor. We spoke with them about the concerns we have for our city, our jobs, and our families,” added Perry.

Perry went on to say of Lee’s plan for addressing the issue of crime, “Like Lee, officers have continued to say that there must be a comprehensive approach to fighting crime. He also believes that Lee will develop a documented career advancement path within the Jackson Police Department so that officers will not feel as if they are in a dead-end job.

“We feel incredibly proud to have the support of the hardworking men and women who protect our city and keep our families safe,” said Jonathan Lee. “Our police officers are on the frontlines – and they deserve the necessary resources to fight and prevent crimes, to be paid for the time they work, hospitable work environments, opportunities to earn a fair wage, and clear paths to career advancement. This is how we invest in our officers, and this is how we begin to change the culture at the Jackson Police Department,” added Lee.

Jonathan Lee’s plan for addressing crime can be found on his website at along with other solutions to the many challenges facing the City of Jackson.

Jonathan Lee Press Release