Jackson Police Department Gets Big Check For Overtime Costs

The Jackson Police Department got a much-needed boost from the State of Mississippi Wednesday as State Senator David Blount (D) handed over a big check.

“This is our first time to go over and ask for this, and we came back with it,” said Hinds County Sheriff Malcolm McMillin.

Senator Blount gave $160,000 to the Jackson Police Department at their weekly meeting that would help to offset overtime costs associated with working at state events such as the Dixie National Rodeo and the Mississippi State Fair. The check does not cover overtime costs associated with events such as local parades. Sheriff McMillin added that a big problem they’ve had this year was the lack of overtime.

“Those of us in Jackson and in this Jackson Police Department know that there are increased costs associated with providing public safety at events in Jackson that are here because this is the state capital,” said Senator Blount to police present at the meeting. “It’s something that I worked on very hard.”

Senate Bill 3157, an appropriation bill for the Department of Finance and Administration, was signed by Governor Haley Barbour at the end of regular session this year, and money was made available at the end of July, according to Senator Blount.