Jackson Politics – Blunston’s team searches for perfect self-portrait

‘Put the pictures up’
Memories of late Jackson Mayor Frank Melton may live on, but there’s no portrait of him hanging at City Hall.

And the absence of Melton’s picture is a sore point for City Council President Frank Bluntson, who was a Melton ally.

Bluntson confronted Mayor Harvey Johnson Jr. at a session last week about why Melton’s picture has not been put on display alongside other previous mayors.

Melton died in May 2009 – less than two months before his first term would have ended.

Bluntson said the council passed a resolution in August 2010 to have Melton’s portrait hung.

“I’ve indicated to you in private conversation that we’re going to hang these in sequence,” Johnson responded. “Once we get my portrait up from 1997-2005, we’ll get Mr. Melton’s portrait up there.”

Johnson said he and city officials have been trying to decide on the right picture and frame for a portrait of himself from his last stint in office.

“As soon as we get the framing switched out and hang my portrait, we’ll probably get them both up at the same time,” he said.

Clarion Ledger