Lt. Gov. should call special session

JACKSON – Mississippi Democratic Party Chairman Jamie Franks today called on Lt. Gov. Phil Bryant to call a special session while Gov. Haley Barbour is out of the state on political fundraising trips.

“Our state Constitution says that when a governor is out of the state the lieutenant governor becomes the acting governor, enjoying all the authority of that office,” Franks said. “Considering the Senate and House negotiators reached a budget deal over the weekend, I believe Lt. Gov. Bryant should call a special session to pass the budget.”

Franks said such a move would show leadership by Bryant, something that has been lacking in the current lieutenant governor’s term as head of the Senate.

“Lt. Gov. Phil Bryant praised the agreement reached over the weekend at one point, but when Gov. Barbour said he didn’t like it, Bryant backpedaled,” Franks said. “Lt. Gov. Bryant needs to show real leadership and act within the authority of his office to get this budget passed this week.”

Franks also criticized Gov. Barbour for putting the people of Mississippi after his own political aspirations.

“Gov. Barbour doesn’t seem to be in any hurry to do the job he was elected to do,” Franks said. “Instead, he is too busy testing the waters for a presidential run three years from now by raising money in New Hampshire and Iowa.”

MS Democratic Party