Candidate for Lt. Governor Jamie Franks pledged his support of the Mississippi Insurance Bill of Rights today during a signing ceremony in Gulfport with the bill’s creator, Kevin Buckel of Long Beach.

The Mississippi Insurance Bill of Rights delivers concise and understandable policy language for Mississippi’s homeowners insurance policy owners. This bill will ensure that policyholders have some basic rights the insurance companies cannot take away, making it harder for insurance companies to deny initial claims after a disaster.

Additionally Jamie Franks signed a pledge that stipulates that as the next Lt. Governor Franks would not only endorse the Insurance Bill of rights, but has committed himself to appoint a committee chair with no ties to the insurance industry, and he would ensure that the bill reaches a vote of the full Mississippi State Senate.

“Jamie Franks endorsing the Insurance Bill of Rights and signing this pledge shows his commitment to fighting for us here on the coast,” said Kevin Buckel. “Jamie Franks stepping up not only to endorse the bill but committing to make sure it reaches a vote of the entire State Senate is a true demonstration of his commitment to Gulf Coast residents.”

“There is still much work that still needs to be done on our Gulf Coast, and as the next Lt. Governor I will lead the fight in making sure the coast is not forgotten,” said Lt. Governor Candidate Jamie Franks. “This important piece of legislation will make sure insurance companies fulfill their commitment to their policyholders.”

Jamie Franks Campaign Release