Saying that crime is not a “real issue”, Jamie Franks criticized Phil Bryant for proposing seven crime-fighting initiatives at a news conference in Jackson on Wednesday.

Following Phil Bryant’s news conference, Jamie Franks was quoted in an Associated Press article saying that crime is not a “real issue.” Franks criticized Phil Bryant’s anti-crime proposals saying: “He just doesn’t want to talk about the real issues”. To read the entire story of Jamie Franks saying that crime is not a “real issue”, go to:

“Jamie Franks may not think crime is a “real issue” but Phil Bryant believes we must do all in our power to stop and prevent it from happening. It is a very real, serious issue that can become a life or death concern and needs to be addressed in this campaign because crime affects the quality of life all across Mississippi, not just in big cities but in rural areas, too.” said Mick Bullock, spokesman for Phil Bryant’s campaign for Lt. Governor. “That’s why Phil Bryant is proposing strong initiatives to fight crime. As a former Deputy Sheriff, Phil Bryant knows the key to making our communities safer is by supporting local law enforcement officials, improving crime-fighting technology and enacting tougher penalties for criminals.”

At the press conference where Phil Bryant announced proposals to strengthen penalties for drug dealers and criminals who prey upon children and the elderly, Phil Bryant was joined by members of the Police Benevolent Association of Mississippi, a group who has endorsed Phil Bryant’s campaign, as well as Rankin County Sheriff Ronnie Pennington and Michael Guest, the District Attorney-elect of Madison and Rankin Counties. Madison County Sheriff Toby Trowbridge is also supporting Phil Bryant’s campaign.

Phil Bryant’s crime-fighting proposals include:

* Automatic life sentences for second offense convictions of crack and crystal meth manufacturers and dealers.
* Double the penalties for those who commit crimes against children and the elderly.
* Automatically adjudicate juvenile sex offenders as adults.
* Integrate local law enforcement’s fingerprint and identification system for better communication to fight crime.
* Expand the sex offender registry to include criminals convicted of any crime against children and the elderly.
* Ban the sale of drug paraphernalia in stores.
* Fully fund the State Crime Lab.

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