Are Books As Sexy Without Their Covers?

Opinion about how ebooks without covers could impact sales and influence is mixed. Donna Miller, a renaissance figure when it comes to the book industry, conducted a random sample of about 100 teens regarding cover and what she found surprised her. Only 18 percent considered the cover the most important factor in selecting a book to read. What had more weight were the book summary and recommendations of friends and librarians.

This feedback tracks with what Alan Lange, Editor of and co-author of “Kings of Tort,” observes. “In my experience, the covers mean something, but in the end analysis, not that much. Books are sold by word of mouth or via influencers (reviewers). It is still very much hand-to-hand combat. It’s like a restaurant. It may look neat, but you are much more likely to patronize it if you (1) know someone who has been there and said it was good or (2) read a review from someone you trust.”