Jeff Clark – The id of Voter ID

Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann made some interesting points regarding voter fraud in Mississippi and his office’s push for voter ID during his visit to North Monroe County recently.

Hosemann is stumping hard to get 90,000 signatures on a petition to take the matter to the voters so they can decide if the state should require its voters to show identification at the polls. For those interested in the petition, it can be found here.

The measure was presented through the state legislature earlier this year and was voted down in the senate, one vote short of the votes needed for a two-thirds majority, according to the Commercial Appeal.

I blame this on the Mississippi House — the bill not only provided for voter identification requirements but a majority of the bill was consumed with allowing voters to vote 14 days early in elections. Many, myself included, view an earlier voting schedule as a proverbial recipe for disaster. Ah, there’s the Shakespearean rub — the House loaded the bill with ridiculous provisions to keep it from ever getting passed.

As long as we continue on without voter identification, dead people, empty lots, people who have moved and people from the wrong wards will still be allowed to vote — sometimes twice in Aberdeen!

Jeff Clark