Jeff Davis candidate alleges election irregularities

Langley challenged the results based on the following claims, according to court documents:

James Barnes, who died in February 2006, apparently voted in the primary. His signature appears on the receipt book for Precinct 31 in Bassfield, which is the precinct in which Thompson lives.

Stanley Dwayne Echols’ signature appeared on the Precinct 31 receipt book indicating he had voted. However, his mother testified he was in the hospital at the time of the primary. Whoever signed Echols’ name also misspelled it as “Stanely.”

“This misspelling is direct evidence of a forged signature,” Langley said in a court document.

Nine people who filled out affidavit-ballot envelopes also were allowed to vote as regular voters on the touch-screen machine.

Three unopened absentee ballots were not counted.

Thompson signed her name as the attesting witness on the absentee ballots for 15 residents. Langley claims she did not have that authority under state law.

Thompson filled out at least one absentee ballot for a voter.

“We found a number of illegal activities we think merit the election to be overturned,” said Langley’s attorney, Sam Begley of Jackson.

Clarion Ledger