According to Jackson Clarion-Ledger reporter Jerry Mitchell, writing at the paper’s website, “Multimillionaire trial lawyer Dickie Scruggs has been indicted on charges of conspiring to bribe a judge in the case involving $26.5 million in attorney fees involving Katrina claims. Others indicted in the alleged scheme include Scruggs’ son, Zach, former State Auditor Steve Patterson and attorneys, Sidney Backstrom and Timothy Balducci.”

Integrity Political Action Committee (IPAC) was founded to help elect Rep. Jeff Smith to the post of Speaker of the House of Representatives. Victory Political Action Committee (VPAC) was founded by Rep. Billy McCoy to fund his campaign for re-election to the Speaker of the House post. Campaign finance reports for VPAC reveal that on January 8, 2007, attorneys Dickie and Zach Scruggs, through their law firm, gave VPAC $100,000.00. Attorney Steve Patterson (former State Auditor) on June 15, 2007, gave VPAC $5,000.00. When the FBI served a search warrant on the Scruggs Law Firm the spokesperson and apparent defense attorney for the Scruggs Law Firm was Mr. Joey Langston of The Langston Law Firm of Booneville, Mississippi. The Langston Law Firm, Mr. Joey Langston individually, and members of the Langston family have given a total of $30,000.00 to VPAC this year.

VPAC has not been reluctant to spend their money this year. Thousands of dollars have gone to candidates favored by Rep. McCoy. Much of that money came from those indicted lawyers.

Perhaps Victory is more important than Integrity for some. Anyone who values integrity would not accept campaign donations from such as those indicted today. Any money accepted from those indicted lawyers should be returned to them.

Jeff Smith For Speaker