I intend to vigorously move criminal cases along by discouraging repeated delays, making efficient use of courtroom time and setting multiple cases for trial each week. I will scrutinize plea bargains to ensure those who plead guilty to crimes are appropriately punished. This will deter others from similar behavior.

As mediator on more than 300 cases, I have helped parties and litigants settle their differences outside of the courtroom. This experience will save valuable time by encouraging the settlement of civil cases in order to make room for trying more criminal matters on the docket.

I have fought hard as your City Councilman in a challenging environment and searched for creative ways to help our city. As chair of the council’s budget committee I found a way to fund the largest repaving project in 40 years without raising taxes by cutting unnecessary government spending elsewhere. After the tornado in 2008, I chaired a committee of local agencies and worked with Governor Barbour to get our city cleaned up in record time.

Jeff Weill Campaign