Senate race decided Tuesday

Branning polled 3,370 votes or 43 percent in the three counties while Forsman had 1,865 votes or 24 percent in the first primary.

Others in the race were Speedy Calvert who tallied 1,636 votes and Curt Pace who had 945 votes.

Branning won Neshoba and Leake counties, while Forsman carried Winston County.

In an advertisement this week, Branning said she was a fifth generation Neshoba countian and a practicing attorney who helps businesses to grow and create jobs.

If elected, she said she would “reduce the size and scope of government in our daily lives and fight Obama’s EPA and their job-killing regulations.”

She vowed to “stand up for farmers and other agri-businesses and to oppose Obamacare Medicaid expansion in Mississippi.”

Branning said she would support local control of schools, oppose Common Core, defend the second amendment, the right to life and traditional marriage.

In an advertisement this week, Forsman pledged to use his “48 years of experience owning a business that has generated tens of millions of dollars in sales to help Mississippi balance its $6.2 billon budget without raising taxes.”

Forsman, who has identified with the tea party and its supporters, vowed to use his “31 years of experience in manufacturing to help our community attract jobs that match what our folks do best.”

Neshoba Democrat