Jere Nash – “The campaign for Attorney General is now officially over”

Campaign managers dream of the kind of gift that was handed to candidate Jim Hood today. Seems his Republican opponent was once a Harrison County Circuit Judge. And, while a judge, Steve Simpson had the opportunity in October 2006 to sentence Jeremy Wayne Manieri, who had pled guilty to a crime of molesting a girl under the age of 7. The crime carried with it a maximum sentence of 15 years. Even though Manieri had prior records of criminal activity, Simpson gave him a one year sentence. Fast forward to this week, when media outlets on the Coast reported that Manieri was arrested and charged with the murder of Father Edward Everitt, a 70 year-old Catholic priest. According to authorities quoted by the media, Manieri allegedly shot Father Everitt in the head and stole the priest’s car. The Cottonmouth Blog has all the details. The campaign for Attorney General is now officially over.