Jere Nash, Andy Taggart Talk Election Day Predictions

Jere Nash and Andy Taggart couldn’t be further apart on public policy if they tried, but the two good friends are generally in agreement on most political analysis.

The two analysts, authors and long-time politicos spoke to the Stennis Club/Capitol Press Luncheon today and gave their predictions for tomorrow.

In the state Supreme Court races, Nash says recent U.S. Chamber of Commerce ads will likely put Josiah Coleman over the top in the northern district, while incumbent Justice Mike Randolph should easily win in the southern district. Nash called the central district the only opportunity for a surprise in Mississippi elections, where he still picks Chief Justice Bill Waller Jr. to defeat Rep. Earle Banks.

Taggart said he sees a possibility of Republicans taking the Senate, but likely that will not happen. And he says no one seriously believes Republicans will come anywhere close to losing the House. The question becomes how many House seats the GOP loses, and Taggart puts that number at below seven.

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