JERENASH – If Childers and Pelosi are linked, then so are Nunnelee and Barbour

One of Sen. Alan Nunnelee’s favorite tactics in his campaign against Cong. Travis Childers is to link Childers with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. Regardless of how Childers votes on cap & trade or health care, it doesn’t matter, acccording to Nunnelee, because Childers is a Democrat and Pelosi is a Democrat. Well, welcome to the political world of Gov. Barbour and his executive budget recommendations. To borrow Sen. Nunnelee’s logic, we can now link his campaign to Gov. Barbour, simply because they are both Republicans. And if Gov. Barbour had his way, school districts would be consolidated and mental health centers would be closed throughout north Mississippi (which just happens to constitute the First Congressional District). Ipso Facto, Nunnelee supports those same initiatives.

Jere Nash