Jerry Mitchell – Note to Jon Stewart: Why not invite Dick Molpus to appear on your show?

Jon Stewart is a breath of fresh air on television.

Although he’s a comedian by trade, his interviews of guests are entertaining and insightful. He reads their books and sometimes questions them pointedly.

The other day, Stewart poked fun at Mississippi after it was discovered the paperwork hadn’t been completed to ratify the 13th Amendment abolishing slavery.

In 1995, Mississippi lawmakers voted to ratify the 13th Amendment — after rejecting it a century and a half earlier.

But officials at the Office of Federal Register said they never received the paperwork in 1995.

After learning of the snafu, the secretary of state’s office sent in the paperwork in January. A Feb. 7 letter from Federal Register officials confirmed the ratification is finally official now.

During a segment making fun of what happened, Stewart made a joke about then-Secretary of State Dick Molpus, portraying him as a segregationist politician putting the paperwork into a shredder.

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