Usually, I let a lot of national stuff slide. Most of the time, where do you even start? But the last 48 hours have brought hypocrisy so rich and juicy, even a hacker like me can’t resist taking a swing.

First, let’s start off with the Revhrun Jacksnnnn.

Late last week, Jesse Jackson had a “hot-mic” incident in which he was caught saying to Julian Bond . . . well, just watch for yourself.

Language, language, Reverend Jackson! O’Reilly stated that there was more on the tape, and boy howdy was there. However, O’Reilly did Jackson a huge favor in airing the “nuts” comment instead of the “n-word” comment. In fact, the unaired portion of the tape has Jackson saying . . .

“Barack…he’s talking down to black people…telling n(word)s how to behave.”

Our friend, Michelle Malkin, has more. Jackson now confirms what most thinking people have always suspected. Whether it’s the use of the N-word or his counseling President Clinton through the Lewinsky affair while having one of his own, Jackson has exposed his hypocrisy where even Al Sharpton has been forced to rebuke him. That’s pretty durn low.

And then, there’s Al Gore

Big Al is on the prowl again preaching to the great unwashed masses about the horrors of carbon. The New York Times gives Al Gore a puff piece of the highest order, and like a slick carnival barker, the NYT gives the obligatory unchallenged repitition and amplification of Gore’s baseless predictions of global environmental catastrophe.

Like a modern Jeremiah, Mr. Gore called down thunder to justify the spending of trillions of dollars to remake the American power system


Notice in the picture in the NYT piece the use of excessive lighting as AlGore gleams in the reflective glow (in front of a plasma screen – I hear those burn lots of energy). And Al Gore is wearing a suit in an air conditioned hall. Think of the energy they could have saved if they all just worn some old bedsheets and did some theatre in the round by candlelight.

I promised the other side of the story. Here ’tis. It’s 4:00+, but it is required viewing for the YallPolitics Nation. You’re just gonna have to trust me. Major hattip to Michelle Malkin.

The only thing that really galls me right now is that Gore and Jackson are not only on the side where the political momentum is, but they are in fact leaders in that party. You gotta be freaking kidding me! How come these nitwits continue to get a pass in the media. I guarantee Mississippians will not see a word of either of these stories in the Clarion Ledger, the Sun Herald or the Daily Journal.

The bottom line is that whether it’s Jesse Jackson’s hypocrisy or Al Gore’s proposed “green energy revolution”, the folks that will suffer most from their words and actions (as usual) are poorer people of color. Maybe Gore and Jackson can tagteam in the inner city (as a nice change of pace). Gore can go tell single mothers making $7/hour with three children living in a one bedroom rental house that they will need to cough up five grand to put a windmill on top of their substandard housing while Jackson can counsel the young lads to keep it in their pants and not to use the “n-word”.