The local moonbat crowd has launched yet another foray into journalistic mediocrity through their new political blog, StateDesk.

Sure, it features the one-sided coverage and uninformed presentation of issues you’ve come to know and expect from the JFP. It didn’t take them but a week to whine for lack of journalistic recognition from other sites/publications.

It does not take the JFP crew crowd long to advance the team agenda. Their old friends at Zata3, a Democratic polling group representing “progressive” interests, this week published the results of a poll with seemingly slanted questions and outcomes on MAEP, Eminent Domain and State Ethics laws.

You may (or may not) remember that last year Zata3, the JFP and WAPT teamed up for an opinion poll regarding Mayor Melton that was analyzed and strongly discredited by MP readers. Defiantly promising more, nothing else from the Zata/JFP/WAPT investigative team ever emerged.