Jim Herring – Mississippi 2010 elections

In a recent column in the Jackson, Mississippi, Clarion Ledger (July 21, 2010) (“Will Legislature reassert dominance after Barbour era?”), longtime journalist Sid Salter addressed an interesting and relevant issue that has not previously been discussed publicly this year in Mississippi, although it has without doubt been discussed privately among potential candidates and others. While many of Mississippi’s political pundits are focusing on the upcoming “beauty contest” (the Mississippi Governor’s race), the role of the tea parties in the upcoming Congressional elections, or whether or not Haley Barbour will pull the trigger and run for President, I believe that Sid has put his finger on the single-most important issue facing Mississippians in the Magnolia State’s 2011 statewide elections. How that issue is decided will shape the philosophical direction that Mississippi will take in the next four to eight years on the great issues of the day – Medicaid and Medicare; funding for public education; eminent domain and the role of government in economic development; taxation; crime; and generally the role of government in our everyday lives.

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