Jim Hood blasts ‘Sunshine Law’

What if nobody stood between you — the law-abiding citizens of the state of Mississippi — and everyone else who would do you harm?

What if a governor pardoned violent criminals and no one was there to try to stop it? What if giant, money-hungry corporations stole your hard-earned paycheck and not one person made them give it back?

What if a company defrauded a state agency out of hundreds of millions of dollars, and the state agency did nothing about it?

If HB 211 becomes law, that’s exactly what may happen. The more than 200 men and women of the Attorney General’s Office who now help shield our residents from these misguided acts will be unable to properly protect them. And that’s why every effort must be made to put down this short-sighted attempt to strip the people of a constitutionally empowered Attorney General and replace him with a barrel full of hand-picked lawyers doing the bidding of a few politically minded individuals. Not only is it a recipe for disaster legally and ethically, it will cost taxpayers millions of extra dollars each year.

Jim Hood