Tomorrow, Jim Hood will be getting a big fundraiser thrown for him by consummate big-money Democrat Beltway insiders. The Katz Watson Group, which features clients such as Hillary Clinton, DAGA, Tom Udall, the DSCC and the Democratic Leadership Council, have organized the event.

KatzWatson also does the fundraising for his largest campaign contributor, the Democratic Attorneys General Association – which you might remember appeared to be a funnel of $400,000 in contributions from Joey Langston and Dickie Scruggs, around the time Hood named Scruggs a “confidential informant” to protect him from a judge. You’ll remember Langston, a Special Assistant Attorney General at the time of his conviction, improperly got a $14 million fee from a deal with Hood to represent the state in the MCI settlement, and Hood refused to recover the money for the state. Hood also refused to prosecute Scruggs and Langston on state charges in the multiple judicial bribery schemes.