Jim Hood makes Balko’s list of worst prosecutors, voting underway to name No. 1

Jim Hood

Bill of misdeeds: Mississippi’s Attorney General has been a steadfast defender of disgraced medical examiner Steven Hayne and fraudulent “bite mark expert” Michael West, and has fought any attempt to hold them accountable. In 2009, Hood gave his okay to a plan by Mississippi’s coroners to bring Hayne back to resume his autopsy business in the state. When the state legislature considered a bill in March that would have effectively barred Hayne again, Hood actively lobbied against it. Hood’s office has fought to prevent Eddie Lee Howard from getting a new trial, arguing that Howard is procedurally barred from raising Michael West as an issue in his post-conviction petitions. West’s long-discredited bite mark expertise is the only physical evidence linking Howard, who is on death row, to the scene of the crime for which he was convicted. And then there’s Hood long and cozy relationship with Mississippi’s unseemlier trial lawyers . . .

Who merits the title “Worst Prosecutor of 2010”?

Carol Chambers
Andy Thomas
Eleanor Odom
Jim Hood
Delores Carr
Tanya Treadway
Greg Zoeller
Lynn Switzer
Scott Southworth
Kenny Hulshof


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