Jim Hood spent about the same on Weight Watchers memberships as entire Obamacare suit

Jackson – In a misleading attempt to cover-up his strong support of President Obama’s agenda at Monday’s Stennis Press Club Forum, Jim Hood disingenuously used the potential cost of a lawsuit as his justification for refusing to file suit against Obamacare.

“We would not be spending money on private lawyers right now if Gov. Barbour had not wanted to make a political statement,” Hood said. – Stennis Press Club Forum, Monday, October 3rd

The State of Mississippi is being represented at no-cost by Michael Wallace. There are no private lawyers receiving financial compensation. The total cost to Mississippi taxpayers will be a mere fraction of the lawsuit’s total $50,000 cost – significantly less than the 48,880 tax-dollars spent by Jim Hood on gym memberships and a Weight Watchers contract for his employees. (1)

“Jim Hood chose to pay for gym memberships for his employees rather than join the fight against Obamacare,” Steve Simpson said. “Though Jim Hood may personally support Obamacare, an overwhelming majority of Mississippi voters disagree. As their elected Attorney General, Jim Hood had a responsibility to put his personal political beliefs aside and join the fight against Obamacare – a responsibility he neglected.”

If Obamacare is implemented, it will potentially cost the State of Mississippi millions in increased taxes, reduced Medicare funding and, most importantly, thousands of jobs.

“Obamacare will kill job-growth, reduce the quality of healthcare and turn healthcare decisions over to Washington, D.C. Bureaucrats,” Simpson said. “As Mississippi’s next Attorney General, I will do what Jim Hood has refused to do – stand up to President Obama and tell him to keep his hands off our healthcare.”

Simpson campaign release
Oct. 2011