Certainly Jim “Friends and Family” Hood was successful in grabbing some headlines yesterday, but at YP, we know that all that glitters is certainly not gold. If you need any further evidence, ask yourself why a rash of crooked lawyers have been sentenced to federal prison, yet our state justice system, headed by Hood, hasn’t publicly investigated or prosecuted a soul (on his campaign contribution list, at least).

First of all, read Jim Hood’s press release (sorry, his office won’t send stuff to me and I can find it anywhere else verbatim).

Now, while LBTAPTJTVJFP and the Clarion Ledger were fawning over the mullet, we provide what they have gleefully not printed . . . the other side of the story. Unbelievably, it’s just there for the asking. Many in the “yokel” media are just scared to death of the other side of the equation because putting the data out there would indicate to their peeps that they aren’t “down”.

Here is a copy of the letter.

Now, here’s Entergy’s press release in its entirety.

Entergy Mississippi Notifies MPSC about Evangeline Contract Matter
Utility is examining information concerning any impact of Louisiana gas contract

Entergy Mississippi, Inc., has notified the Mississippi Public Service Commission that it is re-examining information previously provided to the MPSC and the Mississippi Public Utilities Staff concerning the potential impact of a gas contract in Louisiana on Entergy Mississippi.

As part of a lawsuit recently filed by the Mississippi attorney general, Entergy Mississippi, Inc. provided information to the Mississippi Public Service Commission and Mississippi Public Utilities Staff about a Louisiana case (Delaney) the attorney general often cites when discussing his actions. In its continuing review of the facts of this case, Entergy Mississippi discovered an inaccuracy in some of the information provided to the commission and staff, and has alerted them to it.

It was Entergy Mississippi’s belief that that from the inception of the Evangeline gas contract, a fuel contract that was reviewed in the Delaney case, the energy generated using Evangeline gas was consumed entirely by Entergy Louisiana. However, around 2005, energy produced by Evangeline Gas was permitted to be sold into the Entergy System exchange whose participants include Entergy Mississippi, Inc.

“At this time, Entergy Mississippi does not know what, if any, impact this may have had on our Mississippi customers, but we wanted to alert our regulator to this inaccuracy in information previously provided. We are continuing to review the issue diligently to get these answers as soon as possible,” said Dorman Davis, manager of regulatory affairs for Entergy Mississippi, Inc. “As always, we will be working closely with the MPSC to keep them informed and will let them know immediately of any findings related to this matter.”

“It’s important to remember that, by law, Entergy Mississippi cannot profit from fuel purchases,” he added. “They are a pass-through cost to customers.”

The Delaney case cited by the Mississippi attorney general in his suit and the resulting refund was handled by the Louisiana Public Service Commission, not the state attorney general, and the Louisiana Public Service Commission found that Entergy had not committed fraud or acted intentionally to harm ratepayers.

Entergy Mississippi believes the attorney general’s claims concerning Entergy Mississippi’s rates must by law be heard by its regulators, the Mississippi Public Service Commission and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission rather than the courts.
Entergy Mississippi is confident that it will prevail in whatever forum that hears the attorney general’s complaint.

From where I sit, it appears that Entergy Mississippi found information that they voluntarily went to the PSC to report and said basically, “we don’t know what impact this has if any, but we are letting you know and will let you know more when we find out”. It is far from and admission of “over-charging ratepayers” or “admitting guilt”, as the AG has so wantonly gone to the press with.