Jimmie Gates summarizes Diaz vs. Lampton

Diaz and Jennifer Diaz have filed a federal lawsuit against Lampton accusing him of bringing libelous charges against the then-justice to try to get him removed from office.

Lampton, who retired earlier this year as U.S. attorney for the Southern District of Mississippi, called the lawsuit baseless in court papers filed by his attorney, Dennis Horn.

The legal complaint, unsealed this week in federal court in Jackson, also alleges Lampton illegally obtained income tax and bank records of Jennifer Diaz, invaded her privacy and abused the process by conspiring with a member and a staffer of the state’s judicial watchdog group, the Mississippi Commission on Judicial Performance, in an effort to have Diaz removed from office.

The lawsuit says the private records of Jennifer Diaz, who was the judge’s ex-wife at the time, were used to bring false charges against Oliver Diaz before the Commission on Judicial Performance.