I was waiting to find the exact right words on the election of Bobby Jindal – destined to be a superstar in elective politics.

Scrappleface said it all . . . in his own way.

Mr. Jindal’s election is also more evidence that voters hold the Bush administration responsible for the botched response to Hurricane Katrina, the DNC release said.

“Voter rage against Republicans over Katrina reached its zenith this week,” the DNC said, “as evidenced by the election of a brown-skinned Republican whose parents came from another country. It’s a slap in the face to the GOP, and to President Bush personally, because Bobby Jindal represents just the kind of person that the Republican party wants to keep out of this country, and to keep in their place once they’re here.”

The official DNC statement said Democrats who failed to vote for one of the three Democrat candidates for governor did so “in the spirit of affirmative action to lift up the downtrodden Mr. Jindal. Ultimately, his election is a victory for Democrats who have loved and cared for immigrants and racial minorities for decades, giving Jindal the breaks he needed to get a decent job at a livable wage.”