CL refuses to print response to story about Robert Graham

To David Hampton

In response to the article by Ruth Ingram, she refers to Robert Graham as “an internationally known emergency communications trainer.” This is once again a misrepresentation of the facts as Graham is so well known for.” The facts are that he has worked for or spoken at conferences by 9-1-1 training companies internationally known. On his website, he claims customers as “his customers” but they were agencies NECI sent him to as a “NECI contract instructor” such as the FBI Academy, Waco, TX, and several others.

Graham is a fraud in every aspect. When he verbally represented himself as a police officer and commander over the 9-1-1 center and an internation-ally-known trainer, it was a moral fraud. When he taught courses at the Jackson Police Academy for a fee while drawing a salary from the City of Jackson, when violating copyright laws, when fabricating certificates making 9-1-1 agencies eligible for reimbursement from the state 9-1-1 board for paying him a fee was a criminal fraud for which I hope the district attorney will hold him accountable.

Since 2007, I have related these facts to the following Clarion Ledger reporters who all failed to report them since 2007: Leah Rupp, Chris Joyner, Grace Simmons-Fisher, Kathleen Baydala, and Molly Parker. None of them wrote a single word of my allegations even when provided with supporting documents. Why not?

You had a reporter at my press conference last Monday at Jackson City hall. He asked questions but nothing I said that day was printed. Why not?

Charles D. Carter

Jackson Jambalaya