JJ – Did the House and Supertalk declare war on Tate Reeves?

However, Ms. Fowler is not done as she moves from Kenneth Stokes civics lessons to using a favorite trick of the liberals: comparing a Republican to Hitler. Yup, Jeff Smith’s client compares the Lieutenant Governor to Hitler. Not even Cottonchicken is this bad, or Ricky Cole, and he can engage in some serious histrionics. Here it is:

“Known for his frugality, Reeves served two terms as the state treasurer and based his campaign for lieutenant governor on his financially conservative record. Reeves ran against opponent Billy Hewes on the platform that he would not issue any bonds. However, according to multiple sources in Jackson, Reeves is quickly becoming known for his unwavering political stance, with Democrats and Republicans alike beginning to refer to him as “Hitler.”

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