Here today, gone tomorrow . . . or this afternoon.

Once again when a candidate doesn’t vote the right way on one issue, Madame DeLadd stitches the name of Mr. Reeves on her quilt while issuing a fatwah against the apostate, hoping a jihad by her followers will swamp Mr. Reeves at the polls. It shows a lack of maturity as since she can’t get her way with everything, she publicly backstabs her so-called “leader for the new Mississippi.” Opposing someone who has worked very hard to support Jackson in the legislature because he opposes someone who looks out for North Mississippi while ignoring Jackson shows that when it comes down to it, its not about supporting Jackson but feeding her hatred for Barbour.

Such treatment of so-called JFP allies is fast becoming the norm. First it was David Blount who saw his endorsement rescinded. Now former JFP paramour John Reeves sees his endorsement taken away as well in the fatwah. One can only imagine the message this sends to future candidates. Unfortunately, the old saying about being here today and gone tomorrow applies to JFP endorsements as well.

Jackson Jambalaya