Received this email Tuesday concerning my post about Sims Garrett and Corey McDonald:

“To whom it may concern:
I have spoken with Mr. McDonald concerning you recent blog posts concerning his relationship with Mr. Simms Garrett. I have known Mr. McDonald for over three (3) years and have found him to be an honest man who operates his business with the utmost integrity. Mr. McDonald is a former marine who has never been convicted of any crimes whatsoever. Mr. Garrett on the other hand has obviously had his fair share of run ins with the law. I understand that you are entitled to free speech and you are just conveying 3rd party information to your audience, however, Mr. McDonald emphatically disagrees with the truth and veracity of your article/blog and finds same to be libel/slander. Portraying Mr. McDonald in such a false light could have a devastating financial impact on his business.
I appreciate you candor at the end of your article displaying that this is only Mr. Garrett’s side of the story, but that statement comes only after having referred to Mr. McDonald as a wannabe Dog the Bounty Hunter etc., etc.,. Unless you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you can rely upon Mr. Garrett’s information, I kindly request that you remove his name from your blog and/or any future articles you choose to publish.

Best regards,
Gary Lee Williams
Associate Attorney (Licensed in AL & MS)
Rainer Law Firm, PLLC”

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