Ruling lets ‘progressive’ Democrats lead

The current debate about U.S. District Judge W. Allen Pepper’s ruling on primaries is about a power transfer.
For years, Mississippi had been controlled by Dixiecrats in a one-party structure called Democrats; blacks and poor whites were not allowed to vote. In 1965, the Voting Rights Act empowered the two groups to vote. In 1964, the Goldwater revolution began the rise of the modern-day Republican Party. It is controlled by former Dixiecrats.

The present day Democratic Party, of which I am a charter and the only remaining member still on the board, was controlled by “Blue Dog” Democrats with help from Dixiecrat cross-overs.
This is now being brought to an end.

As a result of Judge Pepper’s ruling, progressive Democrats will control all statewide and local Democratic nominations; they constitute 85 percent of the party base. “Blue Dogs” like Eric Clark and Jim Hood, Sheriff Malcolm McMillin, Barbara Dunn, Jack Gordon, etc., have won their last Democratic nomination,

What is the basis for this claim is a surging black population, mainly on the eastern side of the state. In DeSoto County, minority population has increased 300 percent; south Madison has doubled; Rankin, Lee, Lowndes, Obtibbeha, Lauderdale, Harrison counties, etc., all have seen huge jumps in minority population.
What’s needed is a voter registration, voter runout drive to bring 500,000 African Americans to the polls; there are more than 850,000 eligible African-American voters in Mississippi – roughly 41 percent of the eligible electorate.

As for voter ID, bring it on in the primary; we can handle it. Republicans may find it to be a double-edged sword.
Finally. in many rural counties like Noxubee, Kemper, Winston, Pike, etc., voters will have to start giving state and national Democrats some support or get out of local races entirely. Think about that.

Ike Brown
Democratic Executive Committee

Ike Brown LTE in Clarion Ledger
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