JJ Poll – Gallo fair to McGlowan

JJ conducted a poll on the above interview last week asking what you thought of Paul Gallo’s treatment of Angela McGlowan on his radio show. While a sizeable number of voters thought it was part of a Two Lakes conspiracy, only 19% thought he was being unfair to her. Nearly half of the voters thought she was bringing it upon herself with her answers to his predictable questions. Without the Two Lakes votes, it increases to 52%. She has run a pretty weak campaign and ignored quite a few fundamentals although she finally got a website up and running last week.

15 (8%)
He’s picking on the girl
35 (19%)
She brings it on herself
82 (44%)
He needs to grill the carpetbagger
11 (6%)
no opinion
14 (7%)
Its all a Two Lakes conspiracy
26 (14%)

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