Jobs and Medicaid tax raise impasse, tempers in Jackson

The two sides appear to be about $12 million apart on a $5 billion budget.

One way to help close the gap is how to pay for a $30 million State Tax Commission software program that proponents say could help recover $30 million to $35 million a year in unpaid taxes.

Some Tax Commission jobs could be lost if legislators were to spend $10 million a year over three years to pay for the program, Bryant was told in a phone call late Tuesday.

“I just want to get us back to a good business decision,” Bryant said.

House negotiators were opposed to any job cuts.

“How can you say you’re going to cut jobs when you’re spending $20 million on software?” asked Rep. Cecil Brown, D-Jackson.

As the day wore on, Bryant noted that negotiators appear to differ in two major areas: the Tax Commission software and the state’s share of Medicaid spending.

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