John Keker offers a look inside the joint defense of Scruggs

Zach Scruggs has filed a motion to reconsider the denial of his discovery request, about which more in a bit. The bombshell is an exhibit.

Recall that the Scruggs case became public after Thanksgiving in 2007. Dickie Scruggs hired John Keker and Joey Langston; Zach Scruggs hired Tony Farese. Here’s what Keker has to say about the December-January timeframe, with his fact statements as bullets and my comments thereafter.

Sometime in the first two weeks of December, “it was clear that allegations by Tim Balducci related to Judge DeLaughter and the Wilson case were directly involved in Scruggs I.


n December 11th, the day after the search of the Langston office, “Brook dooley and I attended a joint defense meeting of counsel in Scruggs I.” Also there were Joey Langston and William Quinn “on behalf of Scruggs,” Tony Farese for Zach, Frank Trapp and Rhea Tanneill for Backstrom, and Ken Coghlan for Patterson. ”During this meeting, counsel conducted a wide-ranging discussion of issues in the defense… including scheduling, the jury pool and jury selection, possible defense motions, and investigative tasks. During this discussion o fScruggs I, counsel also discussed Balducci’s allegations related to Judge DeLaughter and the Wilson case.