JOHN PITTS:Florida’s win casts doubts on ‘experts’

If I had not already been sitting down-in the floor of my TV room, trying to revice a balky wireless router -I probably would have fallen out of my chair on Thursday night.

At least twice during the BCS championship game broadcast, we were told that “Florida is the first team since TCU to contest Oklahoma’s passing game on every play this season.”
And here I thought the idea on defense was to try to stop the other team, not aid and abet them in getting downfield.
So what was going on in the Big 12 this season? Were they playing touch football on passing downs? Was there a conspiracy to inflate everybody’s numbers by letting every game turn into an arena-style shootout?
Florida’s victory on Thursday night -giving the SEC three consecutive national championships -should be enough to smash the myth of Big 12 superiority that rose up this season.