Today is a great day for people in Mississippi — especially in Hattiesburg and the surrounding areas. A high-tech company specializing in the manufacturing of solar panels is investing $500 million in and creating 1,000 jobs with their new Hattiesburg plant.

Mayor Johnny DuPree has worked tirelessly to help recruit new business to his city, and that’s why the City of Hattiesburg has been able to better manage the economic downturn and the state’s devastating cuts to vital services by focusing on economic development. He’s worked to create a better environment for small business development and worked with existing businesses to ensure they are successful during hard times.
“I’m glad to help put people back to work. When I’m governor, that will be my top priority — creating jobs so that men and women can work hard, provide for their families and not have to worry about how they will pay their bills,” DuPree told the press today. “We’ve not had to lay off a single city worker or cut vital services to our people, and at the same time we’re adding jobs and welcoming new business people to the city.”
Many speculated that DuPree would join other gubernatorial candidates in qualifying to run for office yesterday, but DuPree’s campaign is going to be about substance — like creating jobs — not about symbolism.
DuPree spent the first weekday of the new year working — talking to small business owners in Hattiesburg, calling community leaders around the state to garner their support for his election and preparing to welcome Stion and 1,000 new jobs to Hattiesburg.

That’s the kind of mayor he has been, the kind of candidate he is and the kind of governor he will be.
Next time he’s in Jackson and has a few minutes, he’ll swing by and qualify. But formalities aside, Johnny DuPree is running for governor. And to be successful, we need your continued support.

Sam R. Hall
Campaign Manager
DuPree for Governor