Wednesday the Joint Legislative Committee hear from the Legislative Budget Office on their budget recommendation for FY2019. Overall there were 275 budgets submitted and after consolidation about 110 appropriations bills were filed for legislation.

A $5.6 billion dollar estimate was adopted for FY2019 in accordance with the FY2018 estimate of $5,601,000,000. The General Fund recommendation rested at $5,483,760,630.

The largest recommendations were made for Education and Medicaid. MAEP was recommended $2,201.0M by the LBR and Medicaid rested at 917.6M.

Increased funding was suggested for Public Safety in regards to the graduates of Trooper School for $3.5M and an increase in Officer Salary at $0.3M. The Mississippi Department of Education could also so an increase in the Chickasaw Interest Formula of about $0.9M.

Roughly $579.9M would be available in unallocated funds.

All numbers presented are still subject to change as legislators approve the recommendation.