Analysis: Runoff victory was costly – both in cash and goodwill

McDaniel hasn’t even acknowledged he lost and he is threatening to mount a legal challenge to the black crossover voters, a challenge that could last perilously close to the November general election.

“It is our fight, conservatives, if necessary for years, if necessary, alone,” he said in his non-concession speech Tuesday in Hattiesburg.

And it’s not just McDaniel.

Richard Viguerie, a conservative activist, author and sometime candidate for decades, said the Mississippi race should put the rest of the GOP moderates in the country on notice.

“I’m still exceedingly optimistic that long term, conservatives are going to prevail,” he said. “I’m from Texas and we still talk about ‘Remember the Alamo.’ Conservatives now for years to come will remember Mississippi.”

Exacting a price

He said the establishment will pay a price, too.

“You have to wonder how long the party can survive when the leadership is at war with its base and the base is outraged,” he said. “These are establishment politicians who are not accustomed to spending the year before a primary back home working and raising massive amounts of money. Every one of them is going to have to do that now. Every one is going to have to give up six months, 12 months of their life campaigning back at home.”

That doesn’t sound like the “life after June 24” Nosef had envisioned just days before the runoff.

Paul Hampton
Sun Herald