Up to our necks in mud – and sinking in the Mississippi Senate race

As that drama was unfolding in Madison, McDaniel was on Glenn Beck assuring listeners: “There was a blogger down here. He was acting pretty much by himself.”

Beck doubled down, assuring them it was all a conspiracy between the media and “the usual suspect that’s not going to be named that everyone knows.”

Ironically, moments before, Beck was calling defendant Clayton Kelly a “nutjob conspiracy theorist.”

Chris, Chris, Chris. Stop digging.

I don’t know if any of these people are guilty. And even if they are, I’m not sure that would dampen the TP faithful’s purer-than-thou attitude.

But it’s clear 2010 was a fluke and this party is over. Of course you could make the argument the party isn’t over — the Tea Party has just “purified” the GOP. You know, sort of like when the Democrats lurched to the left and its more conservative members jumped ship.

Meanwhile, the campaign for U.S. Senate slogs on.

Sun Herald