The Clarion-Ledger, 1/31/8

Police Chief Malcolm McMillin is pushing for a citywide closing time of 2 a.m for all clubs, lounges, beer joints, honky tonks and brown-bag establishments. In the meantime, he has instructed patrol officers to regularly check out these venues to make sure they are properly licensed and are abiding by fire and safety codes.

“Enforce the law, and start with those that have been the greatest problems for us,” McMillin told his command staff during a meeting Wednesday. “If we do that, I believe we’ll see a drop in other areas. It’s like the old saying that if you stop a car with one headlight, there will be three wanted people inside.”

A majority vote by the City Council is needed to establish the uniform 2 a.m. closing. McMillin chose the time because it corresponds to state law.