On June 22, 2016, former US District Court and 5th Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Charles W. Pickering, Sr., of Jones County, formally joined Rhonda Keenum, of Oktibbeha County, as co-Chairman of the Friends of Dow Yoder political committee.

As co-Chairman of the Friends of Dow Yoder, Judge Pickering will advocate the non-partisan election of Yoder to the Mississippi Court of Appeals in the Third Court of Appeals District of Mississippi.

The 19 county district includes Yoder’s hometown of Columbus, Mississippi.

In addition to the Golden Triangle region of Lowndes, Clay, and Oktibbeha counties, the 3rd District contains Winston, Noxubee, Attala, Leake, Neshoba, Kemper, Madison, Rankin, Scott, Newton, Lauderdale, Smith, Jasper, Clarke, Jones, and Wayne counties.

“As a Christian, civil rights advocate who led by conscience and example in the 1960’s, Judge Pickering’s support is highly valued, and deeply appreciated. Facing political ridicule and personal danger from the Ku Klux Klan, Judge Pickering had the courage to do the right thing,” said Yoder, “So will I.”

“Independent and fair judges decide the law— and should not be influenced by the political expediencies of re-election. I am personally humbled, and look forward to the opportunity of earning everyone’s vote in the 19 county district,” said Yoder, a 44 year old former state and federal prosecutor.

Yoder resides with his family in Ridgeland, Mississippi. Yoder has lived in the 3rd Court of Appeals District for 38 years.

Dow Yoder Campaign Release