Judge dismisses Obamacare suit filed by Gov. Phil Bryant

You may well have heard by now that United States District Court Judge Keith Starrett has tossed out the lawsuit filed by Gov. Phil Bryant (R) over Obamacare. Judge Starrett ruled that, since Gov. Bryant has health insurance (that you and I already subsidize), Bryant has no standing to maintain the portion of the lawsuit dealing with mandatory insurance coverage. In effect, the only way Bryant could sue would be to drop his health insurance. But hey, why would someone want to do something silly like drop their health insurance? Especially when you get such a good deal on it through your government job?

Going further, Judge Starrett dismissed the remainder of the lawsuit, which was targeted at the protection of personal health information, as not yet ripe. The judge found that since the rules regarding the protection of health information haven’t even been made yet, it would be a nullity to proceed further with claims that Obamacare violated people’s right to privacy.