Judge questions motive of group wanting voter info

“Isn’t there more going on here that you want all the information about voters?” Atlas asked.

The judge said it would appear easier and cheaper for True the Vote to try to get info only on crossover voters who voted in the June 3 Democratic primary and then voted in the June 24 Republican runoff instead of trying to get access to personal information on all registered Mississippi voters.

Atlas said she doesn’t believe True the Vote needs the birth dates of voters. The judge said she wasn’t saying True the Vote would do anything nefarious with the personal information of voters, but she said others out there could come along and abuse the information or post it on the Internet.

State Assistant Attorney General Harold Pizzetta asked Engelbrecht on cross-examination whether she would agree voters would feel like the release of the information was an invasion of privacy.

“No, I wouldn’t consider it private,” Engelbrecht said.

Clarion Ledger