The Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal, 7/10/8

Hinds County Chancery Judge William Singletary could issue an opinion as early as this week that could affect the ongoing legislative fight over how to fund a $90 million shortfall in the Division of Medicaid.

Gov. Haley Barbour has asked Singletary to expedite a ruling in a lawsuit filed by 43 Mississippi hospitals against him in September 2006. The lawsuit was filed to halt Barbour from enacting a tax on the hospitals’ gross revenue to fund the shortfall.

In a statement last week, Barbour said a hearing was to be held on the issue Thursday. On Wednesday, representatives from the governor’s office and the Hospital Association said their attorneys intended to appear before Singletary on Thursday, but Court Administrator Paulette Myers said no hearing was scheduled.

Instead, court officials said Singletary was working on an opinion, which could be released by Friday.