Apparent election fraud was what started this in the first place. Now, apparent jury intimidation has, for the moment, gotten the questionable Democratic campaign tactics off the hook.

With what appears to be jury intimidation as a backdrop, Judge William Coleman has declared a mistrial in the Hattiesburg mayor election case after a 9-3 verdict in favor of Dave Ware (I) was read to the court but was changed after Johnny Dupree’s (D) defense team sought a public polling of the jurors.

Apparently one juror was afraid or felt intimidated to have their decision voiced publicly. After further deliberations by the jury the decision came back as 8-4.  Nine votes were needed for a verdict.

The judge asked the jurors if more deliberation time would be helpful, as Ware’s legal team suggested, but nine said it would not, thus a mistrial was declared.

Let me not mince words and be as blunt as possible – this is bull manure to the nth degree and anyone who was watching this unfold with at least half a brain can see it.

No, I’m not an attorney, but you don’t have to be to see what happened in, and possibly out of, that courtroom. It is evident.

Dupree’s legal defense team staked their whole case on the will of the voters trumping election law as if fraud was acceptable if the voters got who they wanted.


There is no way to honestly know the will of the voters without enforcing and upholding election laws that ensure fair and honest elections. But they, being the liberals they are, think otherwise.

While Ware’s team talked law and facts given the evidence, Dupree’s team of liberal trial lawyers talked in speculation and emotion with a hint of the Holy Spirit thrown in for good measure.

Whether you are Republican, Democrat, Independent, black, white or purple, today’s shenanigans in Hattiesburg point not to racial disenfranchisement in Mississippi as some love to highlight when speaking of elections in our beloved state; no, today’s antics highlight just how far some will go to win at all costs and it is absolutely shameful.

The law be damned. Facts and evidence be damned. Fraud and intimidation continue to the peril of the people at the hands of liberals.

What a mess.