Katrina changed way of doing business in Biloxi

Business is coming back in Biloxi, on the beach and around the bustling Popp’s Ferry Corners.

Almost four years after Hurricane Katrina came ashore like a wrecking crew, Snapper’s Seafood Restaurant is nearly ready to open at Rodenberg Avenue and U.S. 90. Just west on 90, Souvenir City is in the pink again now that crews have finished painting the exterior and have moved inside to get the store ready to get back to business. Owner J.J. Peresich also plans to eventually rebuild Sharkheads souvenir shop on the beach and he will post a large sign reminding people the business will return.

Mark Balius said he originally thought he’d have his Snapper’s Seafood Restaurant open quickly, after Katrina reduced it to a slab. Nobody knew how high he’d have to go with the building until FEMA released its flood-elevation maps last year, and it took far longer than he’d expected to rebuild.